Forms for Shareholders

Registering /Updating the KYC details

S. No. Particulars Form
1. PAN ISR-1
2. Nominee details  
  1. Nomination Form SH-13
  2. Cancellation or Variation of Nomination SH-14
  3. Opting out of Nomination ISR-3
3. Contact details (postal address, Mobile number & E-mail) ISR-1
4. Bank details ISR-1
5, Signature  
  1. Request for Registering PAN, KYC Details or Changes / Updation Thereof ISR-1
  2. Confirmation of Signature of securities holder by the Banker ISR-2

Processing of various service requests

S. No. Particulars Form
1. Issue of Duplicate securities certificate ISR-4
2. Replacement / Renewal /Exchange of securities certificate ISR-4
3. Consolidation of securities certificate ISR-4
4. Sub –division / splitting of securities certificate ISR-4
5. Consolidation of folios ISR-4
6. Endorsement ISR-4
7. Change in the name of the holder ISR-4
8. Change in status from Minor to Major and Resident to NRI and vice versa NA
9. Claim from unclaimed Suspense Account & Suspense Escrow Demat Account ISR-4
10. Transposition ISR-4
11. Transmission ISR-5