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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Tide Water Oil, our community-centered Corporate Social Responsibility activities are aligned with our organization's vision and ethos. Tide Water Oil Co. (India) Ltd. (TWOIL) has four thrust areas in its Corporate Social Responsibility Program:

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Skill Development & Livelihood Generation

Veedol Auto Mechanic Academy (VAMA)

Tide Water Oil Co (India) Ltd. has been a leading player in the automobile and industrial lubricants market in India since 1928. The CSR program of the organization is aligned to its line of business and technical expertise. With this objective in mind, TWOIL set up its automotive mechanic training institute, named Veedol Auto Mechanic Academy (VAMA) on August 25, 2014, at the organization's Thakurpukur campus in Kolkata. It has 5,000 sq. ft of dedicated space with a spacious classroom and its own laboratory.

In March 2015, the Veedol Auto Mechanic Academy got the ASDC/NSDC affiliation as an authorized partner for training of Automotive Service Technicians. This institute specializes in 2 & 3 wheelers and passenger cars.

Features of the Academy

  • The course curriculumn has been developed following the Automotive Skills Development Council (ASDC) guidelines for the occupational standards of performing vehicle servicing and maintenance.
  • On successful completion of the course the students are issued 'an NSDC Certificate' by the academy.
  • Course curriculum for Automotive Service Technicians in the passenger car category is of 6 months duration and for the 2 & 3 wheeler category is of 3 months.
  • Audio visual aids are used extensively to make the course lively and interesting.

Achievements of the Academy

A total of 339 students have been enrolled in the academy since its inception.

Rural/Community Development

TWOIL works for community development in the field of education, healthcare & sanitation. Different NGO partners help the company to make this happen. Some of our community development initiatives are:

  • Installation of deep tube wells to provide pure drinking water in the Sundarbans area. We have installed 14 such tube wells with the help of Sri Ramkrishna Ashram-Nimpith to make clean drinking water available there.
  • We have also supported Vivekananda Mission Ashram - Haldia in setting up quarters for their medical staff. This will allow higher availability of key medical staff.
  • With the help of Ramkrishna Vivekananda Mission - Barrackpore, we have supported the construction of training centres for capacity building of local women & youth.
  • We have also developed the infrastructure of Parijnanashram Vidyalaya, an educational institute in Karla, Maharashtra.

Environmental Sustainability

Reduction of the Ecological Footprint and Promotion of Renewable Energy is a cause that TWOIL works for. We support different research institutes and innovation centres to carry out their research for this cause and we also create awareness amongst the community and set up public infrastruc ture that promotes usage of green energy. A few of our initiatives are mentioned below

Wind Energy

TWOIL has installed two Wind Turbine Generators (WTG) of 1.5 MW each in Radhapuram Taluk, Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu, India. Both the wind turbine generators were commissioned on 17th March, 2010. The technology is environmentally safe and does not lead to any greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition to the benefit of the promotion of Green Energy

  • The project activity has generated additional employment opportunities, direct and indirect, for the local community during the installation and operation of the WTGs.
  • It is helping industrial growth by catering to the energy needs arising out of the supply demand gap of electricity prevalent in the Southem Grid.

'Utilization of Agricultural Stubble Waste' in structural material

TWOIL along with IIT Madras has taken the initiative of addressing the issue of air pollution caused by stubble burning. Stubble burning is one of the major contributors to air pollution which leads to many health hazards as well as immediate inconvenience. Our extended partners like commercial vehicle drivers are directly affected by such air pollution.

TWOIL along with IIT Madras has taken the initiative for research on alternate usage of agricultural stubble. A promising solution is to use it in structural materials. The research work of IIT Madras continues with TWOIL support.

Solar Photovoltaic Electricity Generation

Reduction of domestic consumption of fossil fuels can reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. Solar energy has the advantage of being both affordable and renewable. TWOIL has supported Antara, a community-based organization, to convert a large part of their electricity needs to a solar generation system.

Health & Safety

The pandemic has brought personal hygiene & sanitization to the forefront of public consciousness. Masks and sanitizers have become part and parcel of everyday life for all. To increase awareness in this area, Tide Water Oil has been distributing masks and sanitizers among channel partners and consumers across the country.

Mobile Medical Service

Tide Water Oil Co (India) Ltd has launched a ‘Mobile Medical Service’ in December 2021 under our Veedol Care Initiative. Its objective is providing primary healthcare to the communities in underprivileged and remote locations where the public healthcare system is not fully available. The purpose is to develop the practice of safe healthcare as well as bring behavioral changes in the community towards organized medicine. The Mobile Medical Unit is equipped with necessary medical equipment required for primary healthcare and is operated by a qualified medical team. The service includes a centralized computerized Patient Management System, consultation by doctors, medical care by nurses and medicines provided for immediate care and support. Major beneficiaries are the elderly, women and young children.