Veedol Maratron LSP 10W-40 CK-4



    Veedol Maratron LSP 10W-40 CK-4 is advanced technology heavy duty premium diesel engine oil. This oil is specially developed for modern generation high-output, low-emission diesel engines meeting BS VI / Euro VI emission norms. VeedolMaratron LSP 10W-40 CK-4 is formulated with base oils with high purity and new generation additives to deliver best performance for modern diesel engines meeting stringent emission norms as well as maintain engine durability.
    Veedol Maratron LSP 10W-40 CK-4 is diesel engine oil suitable to perform in engines having exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and after treatment systems with diesel particulate filters (DPFs) and diesel oxidation catalysts (DOCs).

    Veedol Maratron LSP 10W-40 CK-4 is recommended for use in a wide range of heavy-duty applications delivering longer oil life, enabling longer service intervals even under severe operating conditions.

    Veedol Maratron LSP 10W-40 CK-4 is fully backward compatible and delivers exceptional performance in both newer and older (Euro V / BS IV and earlier) heavy duty engine designs.

    Veedol Maratron LSP 10W-40 CK-4 oil is designed to provide enhanced protection against oil oxidation,viscosity loss due to shear, and oil aeration as well as protection against catalyst poisoning, particulate filter blocking, engine wear, piston deposits, degradation of low- and high-temperature properties and soot-related viscosity increase.


    Recommended for use in heavy duty diesel engines including Euro VI & Bharat stage VI modern low

    emissions vehicles fitted with emission control after treatment devices particulate filters and other advanced after treatment systems.

    • Low SAPS (Sulphated Ash, Phosphorus and Sulphur) to have compatibility and inert behavior on various types of catalytic convertors and DPF
    • Low shear VM provides desired film thickness over wider operating temperatures
    • Improved oxidation and wear control provides superior performance in extreme conditions.
    • Excellent soot and viscosity control for greater engine efficiency and longer oil life.
    • Reduced oil consumption
    • Exceptional cold temperature properties including easy startup.
    • Good piston cleanliness, lesser deposits.
    • Excellent control over valve-train and bore polishing wear.
    • Overall enhanced wear & corrosion protection for reduced maintenance cost and longer engine life.
    • Compatible with API CJ-4/ CI-4 Plus engine oils and older API engine oil specifications.