• Veedol ABITAK 40 is bituminous base open gear compound specially developed for open gears operating under heavy shock loads and varying temperature conditions.
      Veedol ABITAK 40 is formulated with specially selected additives to form strong adhesive film on metal surfaces and provides excellent load carrying capabilities.
      Low pour point of Veedol ABITAK 40 prevents from hardening or chipping off, making it suitable for use in low ambient temperature conditions.
    • •Recommended for Ring Gears, Girth Gears on Cement Kilns and Pallet Plant of Steel Mills.
      •Also recommended for mine and quarry shovel.
      •Suitable for racks and pinions, swing gears, stickers, dragline, stacker and reclaimer.
    • Excellent protection of gear tooth and other machine elements operating under boundary lubrications.
    • Easy start up and no chipping or hardening at low temperature conditions.
    • Protection against wear.
    • Reduces machine breakdown and maintenance cost.
    • Minimal throw off and dripping.