• Veedol Multigear Plus 75W-90 HD is premium heavy duty multi-grade extreme pressure gear lubricant formulated using highly refined base stocks and selected high performance additives to meet API GL-5 performance requirements.
    • Veedol Multigear Plus 75W-90 HD provides excellent extreme pressure protection, load carrying capacity,improved shear stability, corrosion protection & excellent cold weather performance for smoother gear operation that contribution to better fuel economy.
    • It is recommended for use in manual transmissions and gear box of passenger cars and LCVs.
      Recommended for use in drive axies of passengers car & LCVs operating under a very wide range of temperature conditions and requiring the use of API GL-5 performance gear oil.
    • Increased load-carrying capability provides outstanding protection against low-speed/high torques wear.
    • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability helps extend gear and bearing life
    • Excellent rust and corrosion protection reduces wear and prolongs component lifr.
    • Good anti-foam behaviour maintains flim-strength for reliable lubrication
    • Provides excellent low temperature protection.
    • Enhanced friction reduction properties improves fuel economy