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Stay healthy, stay prosperous. Keep the virus away – from yourself and your tractor. Introducing Veedol Care - A vehicle sanitization initiative in select tractor garages in India.

Calling all bikers and scooterists. Your safety and good health is important to us. We’ve got it covered even as your vehicle is being serviced. Introducing Veedol Care - A vehicle sanitization initiative in select two-wheeler garages in India.

Self-sanitization also means sanitizing your vehicle. The healthy way of servicing your car is here. Introducing Veedol Care - A vehicle sanitization initiative in select moto-car garages in India.

Tide Water Oil Co. (Ind) Ltd. has always been a pioneer in providing the right lubricating solution for Industrial Applications. A live webinar was held on the 25th of November,2020 at 2:30 PM IST on the topic: “Lubricant for Injection Moulding Machines”.

"We have been a part of the Virtual Exhibition on Manufacturing & Engineering hosted by Confederation of Indian Industry. Please visit Veedol’s stall to know more about our World Class Quality Industrial Lubricants."

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Veedol Take Off Engine Oils. For the Young Engines Of India.

The narrative is  built around  young people challenging the status quo, confronting everyday situations and  setting things  right, all for common good; this reflects the pent up energy and sense of purpose of the youth of today, who see themselves as change agents, with the inherent power, confidence and intent to make a difference to society as a whole with their actions.

Veedol Take-Off Engine Oils celebrates these young engines of India. The Take Off range of 2 wheeler engine oils helps engines run smoothly so that one can keep moving ahead.

“Modern Rahne Ki ek Parampara” The Veedol brand enjoys heritage status in the tractor oils space, given its strong credentials built and sustained over decades. However, what distinguishes Veedol from many other heritage brands is its credo of continual reinvention to keep pace with changing technologies and engine requirements. Veedol believes in winning over customers. Here are few of the reviews: