Check Air Pressure Regularly

Ensure the air pressure of the tyres is as per the recommended level. This would make your ride safe, lesser bouncy, and help you get good mileage.


Check the brakes

Make it a habit to check the brakes before you go for a drive. This would help in preventing accidents.


Always wear a seat belt

Safety belts can prevent fatal accidents. During a crash, the difference between a belted person’s stopping distance and an unbelted person’s stopping distance is significant. Safety belts distribute the forces of rapid deceleration over larger and stronger parts of a person’s body, such as the chest, hips, and shoulders. The difference between wearing a safety belt and not can be your life.


Use helmets

While on two wheelers always use helmets both for rider and pillion. This can help prevent fatal accidents.


Adjust the mirrors

Adjusting the mirrors to the correct position, while driving, provides a clear and uninterrupted view to the driver and helps in understanding the road conditions and the distance between the vehicle and any object.


Drive at recommended speed limit for optimum mileage

Most of the vehicles today come with the recommend speed limits for optimum mileage.


Use indicator lights while taking turns

Indicator lights should always be used while taking turns to avoid collision with other vehicles.


Wear protective clothing while driving

Wearing protective clothing, including covered shoes, can go a long away in minimizing the injuries in case of an unfortunate accident.


Follow traffic rules

Always follow traffic rules as they are made for your safety. Maintain speed limits.


Do not drink and drive

Never drink alcohol and drive. Alcohol and certain drugs, both illegal and legal, can severely impair driving skills. Many prescriptions and over-the-counter medications can cause dangerous drowsiness.


Do not drive while talking on mobile phones

Concentrate while driving. Make sure you always have a clear head before driving.


Do not drive when you are tired

If you are tired, don’t risk the safety of yourself and others by trying to drive. Avoid driving long stretches without rest.


Never drive in a hurry

Allow yourself some extra time to reach your destination. Provide for traffic jams. Do not drive in a hurry. If you have the extra time, you can be more relaxed while driving and thereby cutting down on excessive speeding, tailgating, and weaving in and out between cars.


Drive vehicles with safety features

Safety should always be a top priority while buying a vehicle. It is always better to drive one which has both driver and passenger air bags. Find out what type of safety features are there in the vehicles and choose the safest one to protect yourself and your loved ones in the event of a collision.


Drive sensibly

Avoid unnecessary speeding, rapid acceleration, and braking. By avoiding these not only will you be saving on the mileage, you will also make your life and the lives of those on the road safer.