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  • 14Feb

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    What is the difference between Synthetic & Mineral oil?


    Driving the cars and riding on bikes can be enjoyable for many, but maintaining the vehicle is tough. If you love your car and bike, and enjoy taking them on the streets every now and then, you must need to read this article. For the machine lovers, it is important to know how to keep the automobile in a good condition. No wonder, an automobile enthusiast needs to know several things about his/her automobile to keep it healthy. One of the most basic and important thing that an automobile lover must know is whether s/he should use synthetic or mineral engine oil for her/his car or bike. If you are interested in knowing this then we would suggest reading this article till the end.

    There are three types of engine oils available in the market.

    a) Synthetic oil
    b) Semi-synthetic oil and
    c) Mineral oil

    All engine oils are made up of base oils & chemical additives. Base oils are obtained through the process of crude oil refining. Mineral oil is made up of moderately refined base oils. However, synthetic oil is made up of highly refined base oils. Thus, synthetic oil molecules form uniform layers (as shown in the image) which provide maximum protection even during the extreme conditions and also improve the performance of the vehicle. Synthetic oil shall have fewer impurities as those are extracted out during the refining process. Thus, emissions in case of synthetic oil shall be lower.

    Synthetic oil

    Most of the engines of modern cars and bikes have specific requirements. Engine oil has to provide sufficient lubrication between fast moving parts of the modern engines Engine oil should maintain its uniform layer between the moving parts even when it is subjected to extreme pressure and temperatures. Synthetic oils are able to provide adequate protection during extreme conditions as they are manufactured using highly refined base oils which form uniform layers. Synthetic oils can keep your machine safe and healthy. Synthetic oils are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, so you can find your vehicle functioning nicely even if the weather is too hot or too cold

    Stricter emission norms can be met with synthetic oils having adequate proportion of chemical additives. The new-age engines require synthetic oils so that the engine can stay cool and perform smoothly. Synthetic oils also ensure longevity and durability of the engine, even if the automobile has been used regularly on rough roads.

    Synthetic engine oil such as Veedol Syntron 5W-40 SN/CF is designed to provide advanced protection and lubrication for turbo-charged or super-charged diesel and petrol passenger cars.

    If you are bike enthusiast who travels to Ladakh having extremely cold conditions and also to Kerala having humid tropical climate conditions then it is likely that you are searching for the best engine oil for Royal Enfield bike. Veedol has developed the top tier bike engine oil namely Veedol Take off 4T Racing 10W-50 fully synthetic.

    Semi-synthetic oil

    Semi-synthetic oils are a blend of synthetic oil and mineral oil. They provide more protection to vehicles compared to mineral oils. Semi-synthetic oils are available at the prices lower than the synthetic oils.

    Mineral oil

    Most of the old generation cars or bikes use mineral oils. Mineral oils are easily available and comparatively less expensive than semi-synthetic and synthetic oils.

    Synthetic, semi-synthetic or mineral oil?

    If you expect maximum performance and longevity for your car or bike then synthetic oils are the most recommended. Semi synthetic oils provide adequate protection if your car or bike is not subjected to extreme conditions like too hot or too cold temperatures. Semi-synthetic oils are less expensive compared to synthetic oils and thus take care of your pocket too. Mineral oils are only recommended if you are using old generation car or bike.

    An automobile needs care and love as much as your family member needs from you. So treat your car and bike with the correct and best engine oil available in the market and service it regularly so that it stays in a good condition for long.

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