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  • 02Feb

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    Simple DIY tips for increasing life of your bike engine


    A bike enthusiast is the person who loves his bike and tries to keep it in a good condition. Taking care of the automobile includes checking the tyre pressure in regular intervals, checking the clutch and breaks, checking the tyre alignment, and so on. The heart of your bike is the engine, so it is important to maintain it well. Using branded bike oil is the first and foremost advice every automobile expert will provide to the bikers, as it can reduce or enhance the life of your bike.

    What is a bike engine?

    A bike engine is the powerhouse of the bike and in order to keep it up and running, one must keep the engine well. Most of the bike engines are either two-stroke or four stroke combustion or heat engine. ICE, or internal combustion engine is the part of the automobile where fuel combustion occurs in the chamber. The expansion of high pressure and high temperature gases due to the combustion applies force to a certain part of the engine. The force is then applied to the turbine blades, pistons and the nozzle, which results in the movement of the Automobile. The whole idea of combustion is to transform chemical energy into mechanical energy.

    Here are the few DIY steps that you can do to keep your motorcycle engine in good health-

    Inspect and change the engine oil at regular intervals-

    In order to keep the engine in a good condition, the basic activity you need to do is to inspect the oil level in every three months. Oil top-up might be required if the oil level is below the recommended levels. The first engine oil change should be done within 1.5 months or 500 kms, whichever is earlier. Afterwards, it must be changed after every 6 months or 6 thousand kms, whichever is earlier. Bike oil or engine oil works as a lubricant and prevents the running parts from corrosion and rust. It also helps in reducing the noise of the engine. Bike oil also keeps the engine of the bike cool and provides seal on the pistons. If the oil gets thick, it would affect the performance of the engine. Too low viscosity of the oil cannot separate the worn out parts. Checking the bike’s oil and using the best engine oil available in the market is the mantra to keep the engine healthy. You can get the recommended engine oil for your bike from the Veedol oil finder. Check the page for more details.

    Make sure to put right gears while you change your speed-

    Driving style can affect the engine a lot. If you are driving on rough roads, it can affect your bike’s engine. Make sure to change the gears while changing the speed or it may damage the engine. All you need to do is to use the shift lever and select the appropriate gear whenever you are changing the speed. Changing gears and speed frequently while riding the bike can put pressure on the engine. It can also drain out the bike oil faster.

    Clean the air filter at regular intervals-.

    Dusty roads and pollution can damage your bike and affect the engine. So it is important to clean the air filter at the regular intervals so that it doesn’t affect the bike’s engine. It is important to remove the air filter and check for any clogging. Change the filter immediately if you find any major issues with the bike. Even the best engine oil cannot keep your bike in a good condition if you have not cleaned the air filters properly.

    Check the battery for proper functioning of the engine-

    The good health of the motorcycle engine depends on the motorcycle battery that functions well. The battery should be connected well to the proper terminal so that there’s no disruption in the flow of electricity. Check the condition of the battery as per the instructions provided in the user’s manual in regular intervals. It is important to notice if there’s enough load that can start the automobile’s engine.

    Regular servicing can help keep the engine in a good condition-

    There’s no denying the fact that regular servicing can keep the engine healthy and running. Servicing of your bike primarily includes cleaning of the running parts of your bike’s engine. If the servicing is due for a long time, it can eventually damage the engine’s parts and affect the performance.

    Using the best engine oil is important, and one can get it from the reputed lubricant manufacturers like Veedol. Keeping the engine in good condition can ensure an everlasting joyride on your favorite machine, so keep your automobile healthy and happy.

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